Monday, 24 June 2013

Sneak Peak: Sports Luxe with Dalliance

On Sunday, I flew to Melbourne to co-photograph a fashion shoot for Dalliance magazine.  It was a freaking long day.

I woke up at five am in order to catch my seven o clock flight (I had to be at the airport at six).  This actually wasn't as bad as I thought, sure, the first half hour consisted of me falling asleep spontaneously regardless of the task I was undertaking but I was (luckily) able to wake up fully, eventually. 

I arrived at Melbourne Airport an hour late (flight delays = irritating but inevitable) and getting to the venue (an abandoned warehouse)  took a whole lot longer than I had expected (this is partially because i kept on getting lost, Melbourne has multiple streets with the same name and is a nightmare to navigate for tourists and, umm,  un-locals)

The shoot, styled by Breanna Mules (view her blog here) was Sports Luxe and modeled by Terri and Giant Model Management (see her here) and the incredible hair and make-up was done by Sheran Azmi (see her looks here).  

here's a sneak peak of the shoot!

read Dalliance Magazines current issue here and read their September issue for more sports luxe!
shab x

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