Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Not-So-New Chic

Basically, Isabel Marant is a genius.  It's no secret she's one of the most stylish, sartorial inspired women ever.  Ever.  I honestly cannot think of a single blogger that doesn't own a pair of these sandals (and feature them in every. single. post).  It's come to the point where the shoe is on my shopping list (the fact that I'm sixteen, unemployed and nowhere near financially able enough to afford them didn't cross my mind when i put them there) and now I just cant stop thinking about them.  The shoe, available in tan and black (both with wooden heels) oozes Parisian chic, something many of us learned from Marant (I mean, seriously, everyone  looks to her for inspiration).  find her here.  now if only I could pair them with Sincerely Jules' legs . . .

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